Thursday, September 6, 2012

TIFF 2012 Celeb Sightings - Day 0

Yesterday was pretty slow, which was good because I was able to do some work while staked out at the airport all night. Also at the airport were about 30 other "fans", autograph hounds, and photogs. I say "fans" because some of these people waiting for celebs did not recognize a single celeb themselves. They just took photos with them because everyone else was. What a waste of space.

 Aaron Johnson aka. Kick-Ass. He also played Ben in Savages. He arrived to start filming Kick-Ass 2.

 Karl Urban is in Toronto to promote Dredd 3D at TIFF. 

 Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men)

 Bryan Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad). So badass!

 Marion Cotillard (from Inception, The Dark Knight Rises)

Crowd of about 30 autograph hounds, "fans" and paparazzi around Marion Cotillard as she is trying to get her to her car. Can you find her?

Not Pictured:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt walked out of customs and was promptly surrounded by fans. After denying requests for autographs and photos like he always does, he ran back into customs to hide like a baby until he could be snuck out to his car.

Kristen Stewart also snuck out a side entrance while everyone was crowding around Marion Cotillard (celebs sometimes create diversions to help each other get out unnoticed). She apologized to the one fan who wanted a photo with her. The single autograph hound who was smart enough to stay out of the Cotillard scrum was pushed away by K-Stew's bodyguard.

Stay tuned for photos from Day 1...

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